Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Obsession

Today is a very big day for me! And my wonderful husband made it happen! Let's just say it started way back in the summer with a little book called Twilight. My cousin Robin Clark asked me if I had read this book, and I asked her what it was about and she told me vampires, so of course I told her that I would never read a book about such a thing. And her response was, just give it a shot. So while I was at the beach and I had already finished my first beach book, I opened up Twilight around two in the afternoon, and I finished it the next day. I could not put it down. I HAD to know what was on the next page. I love to read when there is time, but I have never experienced the desire to read forever. I would think about the characters when I was at work, when I was driving places, I was thinking about the characters like they were real people, and THEY ARE VAMPIRES. If I had this same kind of passion for my bible, let's just say I would would be a bible scholar. But sad to say, the obsession has just been with Twilight. So I finished the next book on a Sunday and the entire work day that followed on Monday, all I could think about was getting the second book. So right after work I rushed to the book store to get the second installment, New Moon. And this process continued until I had read all four books, Eclipse, and then Breaking Dawn. Let's just say that I was out of society for a good week and a half, because I all I wanted to do was read. I would go to work and then read, eat dinner and read, go to sleep and you guessed it read. The only word for it was an obsession. When I finally got to the end of the fourth book, I didn't want it to stop. I wanted to learn more about the characters, what was going to happen next, but sad to say that Stephanie Meyers, the author was had a different idea, the end, so I had to say good bye to Edward and Bella. Bummer! The good part of my obsession, was that I started reading the books right when the last one, Breaking Dawn was released, so there was no lapse in my reading from one book to the next.
I have already read the first two books again, to make sure that I caught all the details. I know scary, uh?!
Well, now it comes to my husband is a hero part of the story. After I started reading I could not keep it to myself, (as most of you know, I am not very good at keeping my opinions and emotions to myself) I told everyone at work about the books, and many of the girls started reading them. One of the girls had brought in an article say thing that if you email this magazine the four names of the books that you could get in the running to win two tickets to an early screening of Twilight the movie, which comes out this Friday. So of course I freak out and email the magazine, and I call Scott to beg him to email also. I mean two chances are better than one right?! Well, last Wednesday comes and no email, and so I call the company and ask when they will be emailing us one if got the tickets or not and they said in a few days. Friday comes and I am at home, (since I don't work on Fridays which is glorious by the way) and Scott calls me and we are having a normal conversation and then he tells me that he won the tickets and that we could see Twilight this coming Tuesday November 18th, at 7:30. Let's just say that I was jumping up and down pumping my fists in the air shouting VICTORY in our kitchen! (If any of you watch Entourage, which a terribly scandalous show, but you just keep watching because it is so good, he called me Johnny Drama). next, I wen tot my email to see if I had won the tickets to, you know, spread the wealth, and I had a sad email sayign that I had not won. So my dreambwould have been shattered if it had not been for the one and probably only boy that will be in the theatre come tonight at 7:30!
So, tonight is the night, for me to continue the Twilight love and see the movie three days before it comes out. Scott's love and loyalty to me keeps coming out, as we will go to dinner at five in the afternoon so that we can get in line at 6:00 to make sure we get our tickets. They overbooked the theatre to make sure that it is full, so we have to get there early.
I promise that I will post my thoughts on the film, but I am expecting nothing but perfection. High expectations, yes, but have you read the books?? Unless that is a yes, you better get reading, you will love it. And if not, at least go see the movie, so we can talk about the obsession.
So in conclusion, thank you Scott for going with me, as you can tell I will be bouncing off the walls the second we get to the theatre, while Scott will be standing beside me in line for more than an hour, probably shaking his head at all of the girls waiting in line for the big event. (Just like Disney World as part of our honeymoon) But as most know, Jordan this is for you, "No movie is too girlie for Scott Howell." Right? I guess we will see!
Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Halloween Fun

Andy and JD are Michael Phelps for life!!!
Jordan showing off her Bling (Stephen is so jealous!)

The Vestavia Boys

Key and Pete look perfect as Sarah Palin and Maverick!!!

Pierce has David Beckham in the bag!!

So I have been thinking

Here we are at the 2nd Annual Christine Grayson Halloween Party. I was the Karate Kid and Scott was suppose to be Mr. Miage.

So, I keep thinking lately about the future. What is coming our way in the next few years. Scott and I have had quite a history in the past six years that we have spent together and to think about what is to come is so exciting. When we get to add little ones to our little family, continuing to had new brother-in-laws to the mix ( my sister is getting married this coming June) and new friends that continue to enter our path.

The Lord continues to teach me new things through each of these experiences, but yet I still feel so anxious about what is to come. The timing of events, how things will happen, what should I be prepared for in the future. and the truth is that I have no clue! With all of these questions that continue to keep my attention. It is so hard to believe that I already have the answer to all of them. I completely believe in my heart that the Lord has complete control of everything in my life, it is just that mind part that continues to spiral out of control. I know that all of my worry and wondering truly is a waste of time, so why does it continue to consume me. I guess the real mystery is why I continue down the road that I already have the true answer to?

My Lord is in complete control and I know that without Him I would be wondering through this life without purpose, without true comfort and with true question to what the future holds. So I guess what I am trying to say is that each day when I am wondering about so many details about our life: what we will be going through one year from today, how the stock market will be holding up, where will my cousin Harrison who is being shipped out to Afghanistan be, will we be adding any additions to our family. I know the only thing that that I can take hold of and claim is that the Lord is in control and He knows the desires of my heart. Clinging to Him and desiring what He wants for my life is the only stable and true way to live. So when those thoughts of tomorrow come flying into my mind, I just need to continue to remember that all I need is my Lord.