Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And We Are Getting Bigger and Bigger

I feel like my average post time is once a month, but it has been longer than that this time. Rogers will be 13 weeks on Thursday. People keep asking me how has it been and my normal answer is it has been an adventure!! He is so wonderful, and we keep learning so many new things about this little guy. In the past two weeks he has started to smile all the time, talk to us, play with toys, roll over, and sleeping 7 hours a night, thank goodness!!!
Here we are at our great friend Brent's wedding this past weekend.
He has started loving the exersaucer! What a big boy!! While I have been away from the blog world, we had our annual Howell/Cordell beach trip! It was great except we missed Aunt Ju Ju and Uncle Clay!! Rogers and I stayed all week, how fun!!

And last but not least, today is Scottie's 29th birthday! Look at that sweet guy with his little boy. Scott, we love you so much!! Happy Birthday, could you ask for a better gift than this little guy!!??