Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Iphone Dump

Like Father, like son.  Rogers and Scott getting their hair cut next to each other.  The lady cutting Rogers hair has cut Scott's hair since he was Rogers age.  Crazy!!

Is somebody a little jealous, with his new sister here... hanging out in Frannie girl's chair.  Relaxed, I think so...

We are trying out some big boy underwear, as long as Buzz Lightyear is on them of course!!

Our sweet girl!!!

And last but not least, War Eagle Hey!!  Did we mention we are excited about Auburn football season..  just talk to Rogers' dad and you will hear all about it...  Rogers was in the middle of Track um Tigers!!

One Month Old

Here is Frannie at one month. She is such a sweet and calm baby which has been wonderful, now if we could just get closer to sleeping through the night!! =)
She was 90th in percentile in every area at her one month check up, 12 1/2 pounds adn 22 1/2 inches long.
We love her so much and Rogers loves his "Sissy" too.  She loves the swing which is a new experience for us and she will take a paci.  Rogers would not do either, we call her a dream baby around this house!!