Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Howell's Crazy Weekend!!

Two weeks ago was an exciting and VERY crazy weekend.  I will tell this crazy story through pictures, it is always more fun that way, right?  Saturday morning was Rogers 2nd Firetruck birthday party at our house.  All of the kids loved the jumpy house, water table, coloring and then the main event showed up.  The firetruck came to our house and we got to play on the truck and the firemen gave all the kiddos hats.  So fun!

After a successful birthday party, we relaxed and watched the Kentucky Derby which was great.  With my parents in town the derby is a must!  Then it was time to celebrate my mom's birthday, to say Rogers was excited about MORE cake was an understatement.. the cake didn't look so hot but it was yummy and made with love, right Jojo??
Sunday came and we headed to church and then my sweet friends put together a sprinkle for baby Frannie, it was so fun to get so many adorable girlie things.  Love ya'll!!

This is where things get a little interesting, thank goodness that I don't have pictures for this.  But after my parents left to go back to Franklin, we had our small group from church over for pizza and I started not feeling so great.  I thought I just had a UTI and so we got some medicine called in, but after our small group left and Scott went to get the medicine I started to have extreme back pain just on my right side.  It was so intense I could not sit or lie down.  I called the nurse on call and she told me that we needed to head up to labor and delivery to get checked out.  Well, many hours later I was admitted and learned that I was having some kidney stone problems.  Let's just say this pain is not for the weak at heart, it was terrible.  And I was so dehydrated I was having contractions a minute apart, perfect just perfect...  Scott and I spent two nights in the hospital and finally passed something and got the pain under control.  Frannie is still safe in sound in my belly thank goodness.  A HUGE thank you to Saty for staying with Rogers and to Jordan and Liz for coming to the rescue on Monday having a fun play date at our house.  We would not have made it without ya'll!!

I am so glad the last few weekends have been WAY less eventful, I will take it!  Hopefully we will not be back up to the labor and delivery floor until July 18th for our c-section.  I can't believe we only have 9 weeks left until we get to meet her, I can't wait!!