Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So in case you were wondering, the month of April for the Howells is being spent in the car. We are doing all of our driving for a good cause though, my sister's wedding showers and Easter this past weekend. But none the less Scott and I have had quite a few hours of QT together on Interstate 65. If anyone has any suggestions for fun car games, please let me know, because I get car sick from reading, watching movies, basically doing anything while in motion. And this is not good for Scott, because that means lots of time with me asking how much longer like I am five years old. Good luck with that Scott!!

One of the highlights of Louisville this past weekend for Easter was when all of my cousins (I have quite a few) ,with much coaxing from my mother, decided to have a Peep eating contest. It was hilarious! I will try to find a picture to capture it, but my cousin Nelson, won with an impressive 13 Peeps in his mouth at one time!! Let's just say memories were made, Christ has risen and Nelson is the Peep champion!!!

What has been going on with us the last month you may ask, as my blogging has been nothing but sporadic. We have been busy going to the lake, flying to Dallas, TX for a shower for Sallie the sister, heading to Seaside with all the wonderful Howell girls, sneaking a Dave Barnes concert in with Scott, going to a bull riding contest (that was Scott I am sure you could guess, he has a shirt he bought there that he is very proud of), fixing up the house a bit, and joining a Tuesday night tennis league. When I look back at the list it does seem a little overwhelming. But when someone is asking me what is going on in our lives, I always say not much. Sometimes I think that our life as a two and a half year married couple seems quite mundane, but after looking at that list I think we are pretty busy people.

Our excitement continues as we are heading to see Wicked this Thursday. This is my FAVORITE play and Scott will be seeing it for the first time. Can't wait!