Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has been a solid three months since I have come back to our blog, and to say we have been busy would be an understatement!!!
We sold our house with only having it on the market for six weeks, which was such a blessing! The new owners wanted to be in the house in a month, so that meant that we were going to be moving out VERY quickly! Scott did not want to make an offer on a house until after the inspection on our house. So to say that I was extremely nervous about finding the house we are going to spend the next thirty years in just two weeks was an understatement. Our plan was to move into a rental house if we did not find something we loved. I had found the area of Vestavia that I really wanted to be in, and our realtor showed me everything there. We found a ranch with a full basement that needed a lot of tender love and care. I loved that we could make the house our own. So while we were in Boston, which was amazing, with some of our great friends Brown and Katherine, we ended up buying it and then started the renovations!! Pictures will be coming, I feel like I need to re-post this post with pictures later, but we don't have alot of things at the new house right now.. a kitchen, den, cable, or Internet.
Anyways, we decided to use Eddleman Properties for our renovation and I have loved working with them!! We have four or five phases of renovations to make this house our perfect home. But first phase, which is going on right now is new hardwood floors, painting EVERYTHING, new light fixtures, new laundry room in the basement, new doors (inside and out), a new AWESOME kitchen and den, new AC unit and a breaker box to take the place of the fuse box.
Now when you do finally see pictures of our house, yes you will say, does the Brady Bunch live here?? I promise that when we are done with everything, that will not be what comes to your mind!
And yes, we are living around the chaos.. Saty and Pop were so sweet to let us stay with them through the renovation of our bedrooms, and when the rooms were finished we moved into our construction zone of a house. So now we sleep at our new house and then Rogers and I move to the Howell's house during the day. It is going to be amazing to stay in our house and not move around, but we are so blessed to have somewhere to go during the day!
On to other news... Rogers turned one on May 27th, yes we now have a 13 month old, that is so darn cute and also likes to throw really loud temper tantrums. Sorry friends that we went to pizza with last Friday, they got quite an earful!! The whole restaurant was staring at us because of my screaming, very loudly, I may add child. Perfect...I always thought I would never be that girl with the obnoxious kid , well I was completely that girl, and that was why I quickly left before the pizza even came to the table. Liz, thanks for bringing me pizza later! You are the best!!
I will leave you with this bit of new, I went to Italy at the end of May with Saty and my cousin Robin. It was incredible to say the least... I promise to put pictures up when I get my computer back!! If you ever have the chance to go to Florence, Tuscany, and Rome, just say yes, you won't be sorry!!

Well, that is enough for now. I promise to be back sooner that three months..