Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Are All Smiles

We are all smiles in the Howell household these days. Life is good and we are enjoying watching this little guy grow up. I am ready to move on from these cold winter days and move into days at the park and the pool!

Even though we did not make the trip to Glendale for the big game, we had our own party at home. With Scott and I jumping up and down and high fiving like our lives depended on it. Rogers was fast alseep, but you can see that he is very proud of his Auburn Tigers!

I need to get professional pictures taken of the little guy, since he is already eight months old. I tried to take a few on my own, and after Scott kept whining about Rogers being in this adorable outfit, I think Rogers started to agree. This face tells it all!!

Food is our friend. Scott has gotten in the habit of being incharge of Rogers's dinner and it cracks me up!! Each night he tells Rogers that he is going to get some puffs for dessert. Little does Scottie know, Rogers gets puffs ANY time we are out to eat to calm this squirmy baby!!

One thing I have been so thankful for are these girls. Both of them are such an encouragement to me in so many ways. They're rock solid faith in the Lord, how they deal with the ups and downs of daily life, all of their mama advice, and they're amazing friendship. What a blessing that each week when Rogers and I could just be hanging out together all alone, we can pick up and go visit these sweet friends. And Rogers has some cute little girls to play with as well!! Thank ya'll for your amazing friendship!! I love you both!