Thursday, November 5, 2009


I think that the whole world should know about both mine and Scott's new love!!! Glee!!! The show is wonderful, and the music that you get to hear each week is incredible. The show is about a high school glee club and all of their high school drama. They sing all of these new and old songs and change them up a little bit so that their choir can sing them. The songs range from Golddigger, to Heart, to oldies. If you have not watched this show or listened to the soundtrack you are missing out. It comes on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 central time.

The volume one soundtrack came out this week on itunes, and now all I want to do is drive around listening to it. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Below is the cast, can you tell we are obsessed!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Long Journey

My blogging has been at a stand still for quite a while, but I do think that the reason makes it quite alright.

I have really struggled about when I was ready to share our journey with everyone, but I guess that now is just as great as any. In the real world, we have been quite open about the past 10 months, but for some reason, I just needed more time to be ready to bring this to the blogging world.

So, if any of you know me, I have wanted to be a mom, since, well, before I can even remember. When I finally got the go head from Scott that we could start the trying process last January, let's just say I was ecstatic!! We began the process and since I was so ready for this and I had other friends who had started earlier than us, I had already started taking my temperature to make sure that we did not miss a month of the possibility of having our own precious baby! As the months continued on, and my body started doing some crazy things, I knew that it was time to go see my doctor. She put me on clomid for three months, it worked great the first month and I thought we were in the clear, and the next two months were unsuccessful. Now, I have always has the mindset, that if there was a problem, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, (which I have done a few times in this process, don't you worry) I wanted to move forward to find the solution to our problem. So after three months of intense hot flashes and no baby, we moved on to the ART fertility program at Brookwood hospital. Most people would be crushed that they had to take this step, and before going for our first visit, I was quite nervous, the idea of being called a fertility patient really freaked me out and still does to a degree. But when Scott and I walked into that office and saw that the entire waiting room was filled with people that were going through the exact same thing as us, it truly put my mind at ease.

After some painful tests, we learned that I have an anovulation problem, endometriosis and my cervix is basically shut. Now, all of those things really don't encourage a baby, now do they??! After talking with our wonderful doctor, he told us that our best choice to have a child would be to do invitro. Now, before Scott and I walked into ART we had agreed that we would take a step back from this process when we got to the invitro stage, and low in behold it was the first step that we needed to take. After many long conversations between the two of us, soul searching on if this was the right direction for us and seeking the Lord first and foremost. We both came to the decision together that we were ready to move forward with invitro.

The month before the actual procedure is like a well oiled machine at ART. We received a calender of what to do each day, I had shots to take and pills to pop. I have to say a HUGE thank you to all my amazing friends that have had to give me shots during this process. From in a movie theatre bathroom (Katherine), to many night at your apartment while I moved in for week (Hewitt), or at bible study (Jordan). We would not be where we are today without all of you!!!

So we kept going in for check ups day after day, until they told us that we were ready for the main event. The egg retrieval turned out to be very successful. Those little babies grew and grew during the next five days until they put the blast cysts back in. We received daily updates about our little babies during those crucial days and we ended up putting two babies back in my "feather bed" of a uterus as the sweet nurse had put it. We have four other blast cysts that we have frozen to use for our next babies. Do we sound like the Jetson's or what??!!

The hardest part of the whole process was waiting the nine days from when they implant those two babies to going to take the pregnancy test. We did pretty well until the day of the test. I was a complete basket case. I had done everything the doctor has told me to do, I stayed home from work for four days laid around and relaxed, it was pretty nice, I might add. But knowing that besides relaxing nothing I did would help those little babies to make a home in my "feather bed" of a uterus, unless it was what the Lord willed, helped me deal with my control issues pretty quickly. The day of the test, I had had some pregnancy symptoms, and our doctor had also told us that he would be very surprised if I was not pregnant. These were both very good signs but in my heart of hearts, I just could not believe anything until we heard a yes from the nurse.

Scott and I had decided that we wanted our nurse to leave the results on our patient message system. Since the office would usually just call me in the middle of the day with results and this result was a little to important to listen to by myself. We wanted to listen to it when we were at home together so that we could hear either great news or the opposite with just the two of us. So the wait until four o'clock began. Since they would have given us the results in the middle of the day, this was quite a long wait, knowing that the answer was on the voicemail the whole time.

Well, 2:30 hit and I started to feel sick from nerves, how was I going to make it to four, I really wasn't sure. But we made it and called the number together on speaker phone, it was just crazy, that this message was going to either tell us yes, we are having a baby, or no not this time. So definite, so concrete. So much time and effort and prayer had been put into this entire process, and this woman on the other end of the message was going to give us some of the most important news we had ever received.

The speaker phone was on, and I had dialed the number, completely scared out of my mind, as was Scott, and the only thing we both heard was congratulations!!!! I just burst into tears, tears that had been waiting to escape for sometime. The emotion that we both had been caring around, trying to be strong for each other, trying to be prepared for a no, was all out on the table. Scott, finally had to look at me and say, "Kate, this is a good thing." And it was, it was the best news that we had gotten all year. After hearing so many nos, I just couldn't believe that it was a yes!!!

So as of last Thursday I am six weeks along, we are due June 3rd. Quite early, yes I know, but if you are reading this please lift up a prayer for us as we continue down this amazing road. We got to see that incredible little heart beat last Thursday, and we will continue to go to ART every week as they monitor our progress until they release me to go back to my regular ob. It is still very surreal to me that we are in this place, that it is not the sweet girl next to me having a baby, but after all this time, that it is me. All you girls who are where I was, just wait for the feeling when it is actually you, it is more than you could imagine, I promise.

I think that as we have moved from one stage of this process to another, I just don't want to ever forget the path that the Lord has taken us through. Scott and I have grown so much in our relationships with the Lord, waiting for His time and His answers. We have grown in our relationship with each other, learning how to hold each other up, how to support each other and how to love each other well. I would not have asked for this journey at all, but the blessings that continue to spill out from it have been more than I could have imagined.

If you are going through this hardship, I would love to talk to you. I just don't think that the Lord would put me through this long process without opening a path to help others who are in this place right now.

Updates to come on our new baby Howell!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Scottie!!

So yesterday was Scott's 28th birthday. That is his favorite pecan pie from Hoover Country Club that he had for his "birthday cake." I think that I get more excited about his birthday than he does, but as you can tell he humored me none the less. Before the pie, I told him that we could go where ever he wanted to for dinner, being that he was the birthday boy and all. And for those of you that know Scott Howell, this will not come as a surprise, but the only place he wanted to go was CiCi's pizza buffet, he was gitty from excitement about his place of choice. Let's just say is was a stretch for me to keep a smile on my face for that one. After Scott put down 12 slices of pizza and I was surviving on dessert, we were out of there and on to find his birthday present from his mom and dad. He was pretty excited, because a Big Green Egg was in his future....

Very proud, isn't he?? Here is Scott already putting it together, but he needs his Big Green Egg partner in crime Brown (hint hint) to come help him put the rest of it together, so that he can get grilling on this monster!
My present for Scott was a long time coming, and I was pretty proud of it as well. There was a watch that had been passed down from Scott's grandfather to his dad and then his dad wanted to pass it down to him. So, I got it all spiffed up and gave it to him for the big day. (As some of you know there is another long story behind that, which can be saved for another day.) I was just so glad that he loved the watch and put it right on after opening it up! He loved that his dad wanted to give it to him, how sweet!
All in all for someone who really doesn't care about his birthday, he had a great day! Now the only thing left to say, is how do I top this one for next year!!! Love you Scottie!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Howells Head To Jackson Hole

So we have been traveling up a storm this summer. From wedding to wedding, and most recently to Jackson Hole, WY. We had the first ever Howell Family vacation and it was AMAZING. I got to expereince many things that were quite new to me and I had Scott right beside me to partake in them all, which was so much fun. We got to learn new and hilarious things about all members of the Howell clan, and let me just say that MANY memories were made!!!

Here are some pictures to document our incredible trip.

We started out with white water rafting and Erin got to be our "hood ornament" on the front of the raft, since she did not want to paddle. The FREEZING cold Snake River water was drenching her the entire time. I was laughing so hard I could barley paddle, not very helpful to the rest of the raft I am sure.

We were picked up on the fourth of July and taken into the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, this is where we camped out in really nice tents and we had Brian and Molly to guide and feed us on our hiking safari. We ate a lot and we hiked ALOT!! This was more hiking than I had ever done in my entire life. We were going straight up mountains and then the next hour stomping through snow. This was a great family bonding expereince. As we kept on going it made me excited to make it to Flat Creek Ranch and get to experience a vacation instead fo a hik-cation!

After two nights in our tents on the third day we made the final decent into Flat Creek Ranch, and the real vacation began. What an amazing place!! Every time I would take a picture I knew that the picture could never do justice to the actaul place. I really think that this is one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. The mountains, the lake, the cabins, the food and the people were all more that I could have even dreamt up.

While at the ranch we horseback rode, which was not my favorite, but it took Scott back to his days at camp, I could tell that he was in his element with all of the horses. Those saddles and the bopping up and down was a little to uncomfortable for my taste though. We also went to a fly fishing clinic which I really enjoyed, since I had no clue where to even begin learning to fly fish on my own. I can get bored pretty quickly, but with fly fishing, you can keep casting and casting which makes it interesting and it is so beautiful to watch. I learned a lot by watching Scott and my brother-in-law Clay. They both were pros in comparison to me, that is for sure. I had a little incident the first day with a strong current and a lot of stubborness. Because of this equation I walked into the midddle of the creek and the current took me under, I was up to my neck in the COLD water that was going down my waiters (not very pleasant), but besides that I really enjoyed it. I wish that I had gotten the fishing license for one more day, but on the other hand, I would not have had an excuse to relax and read my book on our back porch overlooking the amazing stream.

All in all the trip was wonderful and I think about Flat Creek Ranch on a regular basis. I think everyone should get to experience such a beautiful place way up in the Wyoming mountains!

Thank you John and Ty Howell, you opened my eyes to so many new things in eight days! What an incredible time was had by all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Shopper

So I was just reminded of what one of my friends told me a few months ago... "Katie, you should start a blog and put all of your great deals on it." What kind of deals you may ask?? I love the chase of quality things at WAY discounted prices. I love stores like TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Southeastern Salvage. Any place where I can go in and scavenge for the "find". I like to think of this as a "gift", but Scott likes to think of it more as a curse. He says that the best sale is the one that you don't buy. But when I tell all my friends about the last best buy I made, they get just as excited as I do, so I am going to go with it is a gift!!!
So I have decided to let you in on a few of my favorite spots! I am sure that you have heard of some of them, but for the others who have not here you go...
1. The TJ Maxx in Hoover on Highway 31: Ok, this place is one of my FAVORITES!!! There is a Homegoods right next store which makes it even better. I remember my mom bringing my sister and I into TJ when we were younger and I hated it. But my feelings have changed and it really is the motherload!!! I have been into many a TJ and this one is the best I have ever been in, (next to the one in Chicago, thanks Wellon). They have started carrying a Runway section that has top designers at FABULOUS prices. They have jeans too, Sevens, Hudsons, Paper Denim, and many more right now at great prices way below any boutique or department store. But the best part is that they have a few clearance racks of the Runway collection, my latest purchases have been a Bagley Mischa dress for $34.00 and a Vera Wang Lavender Label cardigan for $29.99. CRAZY DEALS!!! Also, besides the Runway section, they usually always have a great dress, for some reason they price Laundry dresses at $29.99. But I don't mind one bit!!
2. Tuesday Morning: Ok, this is one that is VERY hit or miss. But there has been a few times that I have walked in and taken a look and thought that I had found some pretty great treasures. They have WAY discounted cooking items. From Kitchen Aid to Le Creuset they have it all, at prices that would make you jump out of your seat. Their sheets are wonderful, and they have a great variety of colors and sizes (but wait til later for my sheet find)! My best purchase from Tuesday Morning has been my lamp that is in our den. I had been looking at it for quite a while, and after Christmas with a little extra cash. I got it, it was a $500.00 lamp that I got for $99.99. I walked out of their that day a happy lady with a great lamp!!
3. Southeastern Salvage: This is one of my newest finds in Birmingham. I went here because someone at work told me that they had a great deal on sheets. I got there and found way more than sheets (even though I got either 800 or 900 count Queens size sheets for $29.99). While walking around I realized that they have beautiful high quality and unique tables, mirrors, lamps, light fixtures, doors, home decor and much, much more. We needed a new mirror for our bathroom and I found one that I really loved for $59.99. What a steal!
3. GardenRidge: While you are in the neighborhood of Southeastern Salvage in Irondale drive next door to Gardenridge. This has been a recent addition to my list as well. This place is HUGE!!! They have everything from umbrellas, to picture frames, inexpensive purses and wallets, to yard furniture, on to pillows, and a huge variety of pictures and picture frames for the walls and tons more that goes on and on... This place takes a lot of time because there is so much to look at. You can for sure get lost in this joint. But worth the drive and I am sure that everyone can come out with an inexpensive treasure.
4. The Warehouse: Quite sketchy I know, I am not to sure about the real name of this place. I found out about this place from one of the mom's at Canterbury and it is a great one. There is a clothing company that is based out of Birmingham, called Lush. It is sold in boutiques across the country and I have seen it in many stores in Birmingham. Well, the owners put all of their old merchandise out ONLY on Tuesdays from 8 until 5, for customers to come and shop. And the prices are between $10.00 and $30.00. Most of their stuff is jersey dresses and tops. You have to try things on in the bathroom, but don't worry they have a mirrior,I promise this place is so worth it! They are located on 2nd Ave. North right before Niki's West. It is a warehouse building on the left. If you need any more information about this one let me know.
5. Kid's Consignment Sales: I am sure that most of you moms out there know all about this one. But since some of my friends are newer moms, this is something that I have just come across. I feel like it really is an underground world. Whenever I have gone to one of these sales for my friends, it seems like every mom in Birmingham knows that it is going on. But the prices really are unbelievable for all age children. When my "mom time" comes, I will be one of the undergrounders as well!

So I hope that this has been as fun for you as it has been for me!! If you have any great deals, please pass them on and share. As you can tell, I get pretty excited about a new find. Let's just not tell Scott!! =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So in case you were wondering, the month of April for the Howells is being spent in the car. We are doing all of our driving for a good cause though, my sister's wedding showers and Easter this past weekend. But none the less Scott and I have had quite a few hours of QT together on Interstate 65. If anyone has any suggestions for fun car games, please let me know, because I get car sick from reading, watching movies, basically doing anything while in motion. And this is not good for Scott, because that means lots of time with me asking how much longer like I am five years old. Good luck with that Scott!!

One of the highlights of Louisville this past weekend for Easter was when all of my cousins (I have quite a few) ,with much coaxing from my mother, decided to have a Peep eating contest. It was hilarious! I will try to find a picture to capture it, but my cousin Nelson, won with an impressive 13 Peeps in his mouth at one time!! Let's just say memories were made, Christ has risen and Nelson is the Peep champion!!!

What has been going on with us the last month you may ask, as my blogging has been nothing but sporadic. We have been busy going to the lake, flying to Dallas, TX for a shower for Sallie the sister, heading to Seaside with all the wonderful Howell girls, sneaking a Dave Barnes concert in with Scott, going to a bull riding contest (that was Scott I am sure you could guess, he has a shirt he bought there that he is very proud of), fixing up the house a bit, and joining a Tuesday night tennis league. When I look back at the list it does seem a little overwhelming. But when someone is asking me what is going on in our lives, I always say not much. Sometimes I think that our life as a two and a half year married couple seems quite mundane, but after looking at that list I think we are pretty busy people.

Our excitement continues as we are heading to see Wicked this Thursday. This is my FAVORITE play and Scott will be seeing it for the first time. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let It Snow!!

I woke up this morning to excited to even try to go back to sleep on a Sunday, with the snow falling outside our window!!! Here are some pictures of our house covered in snow, which is a pretty big deal since we live in Alabama!!! I am sure that next week we will be back in short sleeved shirts and sunglasses, but for the day we loved all the white. I love living in the south!! If only we could have gotten a snow day out of it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Sister

Every once in a while I get these urges to write about one special person in my little life. And since this is the first post that I have actually started writing instead of thinking about. I thought that keeping it in the family was a good idea. So Sal Pal, this one is for you.

I have a sister who is four years younger than me, her exact birth date is October 28th. We really don't even look like sisters, except for the texture of our hair and that we used to have the same last name. She is 5'9 and I am a solid 5'4 1/2, I have red hair, she has brown, she is a tooth pick and let's just say I would not call myself a tooth pick, she LOVES to exercise and I am good for a walk everyday, she has always known that she wanted to be a nurse and help sick children and I ended up working with kids when I took over the finances for a children's ministry, I guess that is closer to something in common.. right?! Let's just say that Sallie is one of a kind, I seriously have never met anyone like her. She is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and entertaining (to say the least) people that I have ever met.

Random facts about Sal Pal: she grew up being a soccer goalie because she liked standing in the goal instead of running on the field, when she was little the ONLY person that she would let come within 10 feet of her was my mom, she has cowlicks all over her head, she loves ministering to high school aged girls, she is a cheese ball, she loves dumb humor, she is about to graduate from Belmont University with a degree in Nursing, she will be an incredible nurse, she loves the Lord, she was named after her god parents, my Aunt Sallie and Uncle Baker, whaaa la her full name is Sallie Baker Heard, she loves a good laugh, she can ramble with the best of them, she has only dated and kissed one boy in her life, Tyler Cole, and they are getting married this June, growing up the only thing we ever fought about was clothes because she would constantly steal mine (one day I chased her to the bus stop to get one of my shirts back), she has an amazing voice (our Mimi would always tell me that Sallie should go sing and that I should go act, this did not really help my confidence very much), she has one the loudest laughs that I have ever heard and she likes to use it a lot, she has driven the SAME Toyota Corolla since she turned 16 (what a trooper) and I am not sure why it has not broken down yet??, she is my dad in a girl's body (weird but true), she loves animals (any kind), she can burp very loud and she is proud of it, after she marries Tyler they are moving to Dallas, Texas and they just bought their first house today!

Sal Pal this blog is for you!! I love you and am so blessed to have you as my sister! I am so excited for all the BIG changes that are coming into your life at a VERY fast pace. I can't wait to be there for all of them. Thanks for letting me be your matron of honor, but I guess that race was pretty slim seeing how I am the only sister you have got!! I love you and am so blessed to call you sister.

Love you Sister!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ode To Brown and Katherine Johnson

Brown gets the picture, sorry Katherine because the two of us couldn't be in an action shot since we were hanging out with Jack and Kate instead!

This is a week late, but I need to publicly put a very large THANK YOU out to Brown and Katherine for helping a poor sad wife who just wanted her two new light fixtures put up in her house. Scott went out of town last weekend and so I asked Katherine if Brown could help me put them up in our house. Just like any loving wife she volunteered him for the job. And they were at my house for WAY longer than they had anticipated last Saturday, but the end result was great. Brown's arm was getting sore from the many hours of devotion to my house, while Katherine and I sat comfortably on the couch watching the DVD of the last episode of Lost. And on that note, they also get many many points for being my inspiration for starting the Lost obsession and finishing all four seasons in the months of December and the beginning on January. So... Brown and Katherine, this blog is for you!! Thank you sooo much for all your help

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quite Some Time...

So it has been quite a while since I have updated this little blog, and we have had a crazy past month. So here is a little catching up, pictures to follow! December was the month of the Christmas party for us, every weekend was packed with at least one party to go to. We had a blast, with tons of dirty Santa, great food, fabulous parties, (even a cookie and cocoa party), and of course are friends. It is always so fun to have big events to look forward to with your favorite people. We started the month off with Brent's famous Tackey Christmas party. Scott and I went with a theme as we usually do, but this year's theme was lets just say interesting. Our theme was "iron on", High School Musical. We had the whole HSM gang on our Walmart sweatsuit sets. Of course, me with a red sweat shirt and green pants , and Scott with the opposite. It was classic!!

Then onto Christmas Party at the Cochran's, with Santa Wes leading the way. It was so fun and the entertainment was priceless (thanks for that Elliott and Wes)!!! Next on our list was the Christmas Feast, and it was exactly as it sounds. Liz and Grant went our of their way to impress a pretty large group of hungry friends. We had a wonderful time at their house, and it was decorated perfectly, props to Liz!!!

The week before Christmas was great with an Amy Grant and Vince Gill Christmas concert in Atlanta with a bunch of fun girls, Bradley and Sarah's Christmas Cookie and Cocoa which was adorable, and of course the Cordell Christmas party which has been a yearly event since Scot was born. Let's just say that we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to love us so much! What a blessing.

Christmas was perfect, we went up to Franklin to spend some time with my family and then back to Birmingham for Christmas with the Howells. We had wonderful time with family and Scott and I even won the Howell family quiz, very impressive, yes I know!!

The week after Christmas on Wednesday I met up with 5 of our favorite couples and made the trip down to Fort Walton Beach, FL. We were down there until Sunday, so we had a long break which was wonderful. Scott came down on Friday to make it even better. We had such a great time getting to spend a bunch of quality time with so many of the people that we love. Let's just say that by the time Scott and I made it home, we were exhausted and all we wanted to do, was sit on the couch and watch Lost, (which is my new obsessions, and Lost is so great that it will get it's own post for sure!)

The moral of this very long story is that Scott and I are so blessed with all of our wonderful friends and family, thank you so much for who you are in our lives!!!

2009 will be amazing if it has all of you in it! We love you!!